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Entertain Your Kitty

If you watch a cat in the garden, you will see him pounce on leaves, chase butterflies, stretch his claws on trees, climb, stalk and generally entertain himself. And sleep of course, in the sunniest spot he can find. An exclusively indoor cat can have the best, comfiest places to catch a cat nap but it's up to you to provide the entertainment.  A bored cat is prone to anxiety and mental health problems not to mention the sheer destruction he can wreak upon your furniture. But with all the fabulous interactive cat toys on the market today as well as sensory stimulants like matatabi and cat nip, there is no need for your cat to feel bored or store pent up energy.  From lasers to fish plushies, rotating butterflies and collapsible cat tunnels, we have got everything you need to keep even the most hyperactive kitty amused.

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