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The right cat litter box makes all the difference to your cat's comfort. And of course to your own. After all, if your cat is using the litter box as intended, then you won't be having unpleasant accidents throughout the house. When choosing the best litter box, consider its location. You want to give your cat some privacy, whether or not the box is the open or closed litter box type. There is a new style of interlocking tray system which enables you to sift waste out without scooping that says it means you no longer have to 'scoop the poop' so that may be worth considering. Also, take into consideration the number of cats you have. The rule of thumb is one box per cat. Of course, what you use inside the litter box is just as important as the box itself. There are so many types of cat litter to choose from and your cat(s) will definitely have a preference. Different things may influence them like the smell or the feeling on their feet. While you might be more interested in finding litter that is affordable, odorless and dust-free, natural and/or health-monitoring. Accessories like a good scoop and a litter mat will also make cleaning easier and stop litter granules spreading throughout the house.

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